About Us

Over the years as AAUK MUSIC, we have supplied or purchased VIP, tour and splitter vans for many of our clients and along the way, we have covered hundreds of thousands of miles on the road taking care of our guests professionally and of course, ensuring they arrived safely at their destinations.

Due to the ever increasing requests for a full service, we were delighted to expanded our services in 2015 with the launch of ROCK SPLITTERS.

AAUK MUSIC is a personal and bespoke service to the music, entertainment, corporate event and touring industries since 1998.

Our range of specialist services include those of artist, band and tour management, corporate events, tour booking, tour and travel logistics and crew hire.

In all areas, we offer a unique level of combined services and experience that is both versatile and professional. That experience was originally based upon working with legends of the music industry such as Genesis, Phil Collins, Alanis Morissette, George Michael and Oasis and with additional experience gained in the corporate business world assisting companies such as the Hilton Hotel Group, HRG and handling Kodak Limited's global travel.

Over the past three decades in the music industry, we have continued to serve name artists, bands and corporate companies and we thank them for choosing AAUK MUSIC to assist them with their unique and individual requirements.

In 2015 to facilitate our clients further, we added ROCK SPLITTERS as a new division of the company.

Our principles of service throughout our operations, are focused to your requirements and the key elements to our new transport division are:

1) Safety - Our vehicles are mechanically maintained to the highest level by a specialist commercial vehicle service centre and are checked after every tour.

Our drivers and tour manager drivers are mature and experienced individuals who have attended advanced driving courses to ensure your safety.

2) Reliability. In the travel and entertainment world, this is paramount and is the reason name clients choose to use our services.

3) Professionalism. We have a vast depth of knowledge of most areas of the industry. We apply that knowledge to resolve any issues on your behalf both professionally, quickly and without fuss to maintain a solid level of stability for your requirements..

4) Discretion. Quite simply, you do not stay in the entertainment industry for over 35 years without knowing how to be professional. We do what we do for the love of the work. We do not do it for recognition, a fast ticket to a fortune.

If you require a personal experience with your management or concert tour requirements, please contact us to find out why AAUK MUSIC and now ROCK SPLITTERS are a leading global name in the music, corporate event and concert touring industries.

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