Ben Bowden - The Sounds Of Simon

“Rock Splitters will always be my vans and drivers of choice. Always on time, safe, courteous and tolerant. The vans are always clean, comfortable and well stocked. Most of all, the company owner Graham Collins has a genuine love for what he does and he makes sure that we get to do what we love: playing music to other people. I can't recommend Graham and Rock Splitters enough.

"I have had the pleasure of working with Graham Collins on many levels, from our splitter van driver, to being my tour manager as well as my personal P.A and also as my band's artist manager. He is without doubt one of the hardest working and honest to good man I've ever worked with and I vouch for him regarding matters of business and as a person you can rely on and depend on in business or personally."

Adam Ellis - The Sounds Of Simon

“Thanks for your help on the weekend. I think everyone would agree you made it very enjoyable and took the hassle out of it. Nice to work with an experienced pro and fab guy! We'll be in touch for the next one for sure!.”

Darren Taylor - Driving Adventures

"I have covered tens of thousands of miles driving the UK, Europe and America over the last 10 years with Graham from ROCK SPLITTERS. We have also attended advanced road and track‎ driving courses together in the UK and Germany as safety and focus are paramount in this business. With ROCK SPLITTERS, you really are with the professionals "

Dave Sinclair - Living.TV

"We needed a trusted company to collect our expensive gear and crew for a large location film shoot and given their long history in the entertainment world, we approached Rock Splitters. We've always received a professional high quality, yet personal service and very happily recommend them."

Andy Wright - Andy Wright Studios

"Graham at Rock Splitters knows how to look after each band and crew and has earned much well deserved respect for his manner, his candour and his attitude and work ethic. It has been my honour and privilege to tour with him in the past & I hope to do so again in the future."

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